I have been using the pre-rolled cones of this company from a long time and it is worth appreciated. I have loved using these cones. With great pricing and amazing quality, the papers give a smooth taste.

- Fred Martin

As compared to other brands, this company manufactures good taste hookah flavors that don’t go harsh while inhaling. I am absolutely planning to order more of these and enjoy getting high besides the designs are superb too.

- Caren Hathway

Shipment is amazing, product is great, packaging is nicely done and pricing is undoubtedly the best. The cones that I ordered are well crafted. I don’t think there is any other company that provides all these features in one product.

- Red lewes

I loved using the paper. It has saved my time and money and gives me a pleasure of smoking smoothly. I certainly recommend it as the purchase of such product is certainly not a wrong decision for people who want to enjoy fine smoking.

- Henry Baron

I have loved the hookah flavors that I ordered. They taste is so nice and lasts long while giving a good thick smoke to enjoy. It hardly gets harsh and that is why I would certainly recommend the hookah lovers to try it once.

- Jack Elilot

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